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Strategic Power Projects is an all-Ireland renewable energy company established to support the ambitious government plans to reduce emissions through the development of large scale Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems

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Our Process

Site Identified

1. Site Identification

Following a site visit, we will carry out a high level assessment of the suitability of your land for a solar farm installation, including an initial review of planning constraints and a grid network capacity evaluation.

Contract Agreement

2. Contract Agreement

If the site is deemed suitable, we negotiate terms with the landowner and if we reach agreement, an option agreement with draft lease will be sent to the landowner’s Solicitor for review. Our standard form Option agreements are for 5 years with a 35 year Lease.

Planning Application

3. Planning Application

As a responsible renewable energy developer, Strategic Power Projects work with a professional team of planning, environmental and engineering design experts to pull together a comprehensive and environmentally sensitive planning application which is managed through the planning process to final decision. In addition, we work closely with local communities to ensure full transparency with regard to our projects.

Planning Approval & Grid Offer

4. Planning Approval & Grid Offer

Following the Grant of planning permission we instruct our consultant grid engineers to apply for connection to the grid. In ROI this is currently an annual process run every September, leading to a grid offer from Eirgrid within the following 10-14 months.

Route To Market

5. Route To Market

The final stage of the project is securing a route to market either by way of the RESS Auction process in ROI or a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement with a high energy user.


6. Construction

Once Planning, Grid Connection and a route to market have been secured, the project is ready to start construction. This phase can take from 3 to 12 months to complete depending on the scale of the project and grid connection.

Our Values


At Strategic Power Projects, we apply the highest standards of integrity to every aspect of our business building trust and respect with our stakeholders who are integral to our operations.


We have joined the global climate change chorus which portrays a smarter, brighter and cleaner future. At Strategic Power Projects, we think creatively, identifying opportunities and developing effective solutions contributing to this wave of change and creating a more sustainable future.


Strategic Power Projects has sustainability at the core of our mission values. We believe that we can prioritise clean energy whilst safeguarding and increasing local biodiversity across the island of Ireland.


Battery storage sites, solar farms and anaerobic digesters are a necessary feature of the 21st-century energy landscape, and we believe they can and should be developed in close partnership with the communities where they are located to ensure that final projects are respectful of their surroundings and local communities.


At Strategic Power Projects, we recognise that our venture is long-term, and we are committed to developing and managing our assets in a sustainable manner with respect for the environment and communities in which we operate.


Our Team

Our success is attributable to the performance of our dynamic people whose extensive experience in all aspects of Solar, Battery Energy Storage Systems, is helping to deliver a pipeline of renewable projects across Ireland.

Paul Carson

Strategic Power Group Managing Director

Liam Faulkner

Strategic Power Connect CEO

Ruth Kimbley

Strategic Power Group Communications Director

Iain Lees

Strategic Power Group Finance Director

David Porter

Strategic Power Projects Development Director

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