Our Team

At Strategic Power Projects, our team is our strongest asset. Our success is attributable to the performance of our dynamic people whose extensive experience in all aspects of Biogas, Solar and BESS development is helping to deliver a pipeline of renewable projects across Ireland.

Our team has extensive knowledge across the renewable, engineering, finance, planning and legal sectors. They are defined by an active entrepreneurial spirit, integrity and are committed to working safely and being the best neighbour we can be.

David Porter

Strategic Power Projects Development Director

New Zealand born David studied Agricultural Science at university, graduating with an M Agr Sc. In 1993 he came to Ireland to study further and to play rugby and has remained here ever since.

David’s time in Ireland has been spent entirely within the agricultural and renewable energy industries. On the agricultural side, he has been involved mainly in the livestock sector with a speciality in silage making which is still and existing interest. With regard to renewable energy, he has experience in all of the land based technologies including wind, solar and anaerobic digestion.

Growing up on a sheep and tillage farm in New Zealand, David became fascinated on how a digester was able to take a stream of waste and produce energy! David is still involved in improving the functioning of the biology and feedstock selection to increase the profitability of digesters.

David has a strong familiarity with the serious challenges that faced New Zealand agriculture when the UK (and Ireland) went into the EEC and the removal of subsidies in 1984. At the time, there were no income diversification options for his family farm such as renewable energy to buffer the low lamb and wheat prices. David remains fully committed to agriculture in Ireland and enjoys helping farmers in the continuing battle to maintain profitability in the long term.