Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Energy storage will play a significant role in facilitating higher levels of renewable generation on the power system and help to achieve national renewable electricity targets.

BESS projects are a critical part of the energy mix going forward to provide security and stability in the energy network as more renewables replace traditional fossil fuelled power plants.

Currently Transmission System Operators (TSOs) meet the majority of the reserve requirement from fossil fuel generators. This means that fossil fuel generators, that would otherwise not be running, are often turned on or run inefficiently just so they are available to provide this immediate reserve back up.

Batteries can replace the need to use fossil fuel generators for reserve power requirements as they are readily available and can respond to frequency deviations in milliseconds, therefore helping to manage system stability.

Strategic Power Projects will use proven lithium-ion technology which has zero emissions, superior flexibility and are considered one of the most deliverable types of grid-scale energy storage. They have been used widely for the last 50 years and are a proven and safe technology.

Total BESS operational capacity on the island of Ireland was around 21MW in 2020, new projects bring the total capacity to 156MW and this number is expected to triple within the next 12 months as the industry goes from strength to strength.

How Is Safety Upheld?

Safety is fundamental to the development and design of Battery Energy Storage Systems. Each energy storage unit has multiple layers of prevention, protection and mitigation systems that minimise the risk of overcharge, overheating or mechanical damage that could result in an incident such as fire.

Furthermore, there are multiple international regulations for industry that ensure Battery Energy Storage Systems are designed and operated in a safe and secure manner. A global approach to hazard management in the development of Battery Energy Storage projects has made the lithium-ion battery one of the safest types of Battery Energy Storage System.

BESS Projects


Location: Co. Louth

Energy Type: BESS

Capacity: 135MW

Status: Planning Granted


Location: Co. Offaly

Energy Type: BESS

Capacity: 50MW

Status: Planning Granted

Co. Antrim

Location: Co. Antrim

Energy Type: BESS

Capacity: 70MW

Status: In Design