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At Strategic Power Connect, we specialise in tailoring renewable energy systems to meet the needs of your business. Our Business Includes

Behind-the-meter systems

Behind-the-meter systems

Private wire systems

Private wire systems

Solar PV

Solar PV

Battery storage

Battery storage

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

EV charging ports

EV charging ports

Our commitment to you is simple: We aim to empower your business with renewable and sustainable energy solutions that reduce your reliance on the grid and propel you towards a more sustainable and cost effective future.

Tailored Solutions


Choose the solution that aligns with your vision for a greener tomorrow:


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The Winning Move - How It Works


Renewable, zero emissions electricity is generated from a renewable energy system installed on available roof or ground spaces at or near the client’s premises. This electricity is used by the client’s business under a long-term fixed energy price or discounted energy price. When electricity is not being produced onsite, the electricity needs will be met by the grid as usual.


Our goal is to empower you to future proof your business by developing customised solutions that give you cost-effective renewable energy.


We will visit your site to assess your requirements


We will design a renewable energy system to maximise onsite generation


You choose to purchase the system or select from our tailored funding options

The Benefits


Partnering with us brings you a range of advantages:

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Substantial Savings
Reduce energy costs and gain a competitive edge


Eco-Friendly Credentials
Showcase your commitment to a sustainable future

Fossil Fuel

Reliable Energy Supply
Ensure uninterrupted operations

Price Changes

Stability Amid Flux
Shield your business from market volatility


Customised Solutions
Tailor-made for your needs

Solar Panels

Simplified Process
Experience hassle-free transition


Connect and Power Up


At Strategic Power Connect, we believe in building strong partnerships that lead to a more sustainable future. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient business environment that empowers you to win, connecting you with a future filled with opportunities

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Sustainability Leader


Take control of your energy transition journey and demonstrate your commitment to the future. Our partnership guarantees a sustainable source of power, reducing your reliance on external sources and putting you in control of your destiny.


By embracing renewable energy, you align your business with the future, your stakeholders, and your winning aspirations. Grow responsibly, gain control, and seize the power to win.



Have questions about how renewable energy can benefit your business? Check out our FAQ

How does a solar power system save money?+

Solar systems save money because they reduce the amount of electricity which a business needs to buy from the national grid. This is because the building on which a solar system is installed directly produces some of the electricity consumed in the building itself. The cost of this, net of the cost of installing the system, is much more affordable than buying electricity from the national grid.

How do solar systems work?-

Solar PV systems convert sunlight into electricity. These connect directly to the building’s electrical system, feeding its lighting, computers, servers and other power demands. Any electricity not used onsite can be exported to the national grid, receiving payment for doing so. The system can also be installed with energy storage, such as a battery. This means that surplus power can be stored and used later – for example, to support night-time operations.


A commercial scale solar system is any non-domestic system, although generally excluding large scale solar farms which connect directly to the national grid. In other words, commercial scale systems are those designed and financed to provide power to the premises of the site on which it is installed.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement? -

Under a PPA, the electricity user agrees to buy the power generated by the solar system which is paid for and owned by the investor over a long-term tenurel.


There are several different forms of PPAs, however Strategic Power Connect offers those known as a ‘private wire’, where the power a solar system produces is consumed onsite by the business premises, to which the system is directly connected through an electrical connection (hence ‘private wire’).

What if our business grows and we need to move premises? -

The presence of on onsite solar system should be a major draw for prospective building owners or tenants. This is because they will occupy a higher-quality asset than they otherwise would, one that will reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions compared with non-solar premises. No business can function without an energy supply, so there is guaranteed demand for the benefits of the solar system. Note that if the system has been financed through a PPA, prospective buyers or tenants may wish to take on the agreement or be subject to a buy-out clause.

Can a solar system be adapted if our energy needs change? -

Yes. Solar systems are flexible and can often be increased in size to accommodate changes in energy needs. This might be, for example, if a company decides to electrify its fleet and has higher electricity usage as a result, or if it wishes to install an energy storage system.

How quickly can a solar project be installed? -

It can take less than 12 months from making initial inquiries with a solar installation company or project developer to having a system installed, operational, and producing carbon and cost savings. Note that one of the major variables in project development is the time required by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to consider applications to connect to the grid, as well as other planning work. DNOs will require a minimum of 45 working days to consider an application to connect a solar PV system to the grid and any connection offer may have conditions attached. In most circumstances, for systems larger than 1MW, it will be necessary to obtain planning permission. This can take up to three months.

What are the biggest risks? -

A major risk for a solar project is not employing a high-quality installation company to carry out the work and going for the cheapest quote available.


Once operational, another key risk is failing to monitor and maintain the system correctly. Not doing so means possible faults could go undetected, therefore reducing system performance.


At Strategic Power Connect, we offer experience with a team who has extensive experience in the energy industry with a proven track record in project management and bringing energy savings to business. We are experts in renewable energy sources and offer a complete service of assessment, design, supply, installation, operations, and maintenance.

*FAQ source Solar UK

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Package Includes



of existing energy requirements


of expected financial savings

Professional recommendations

on suitable technologies

Planning and structural permissions

where required

Supply and installation

of commercial scale solar photovoltaic systems

Testing and commissioning

to guarantee quality from the outset

Data collection and reporting

in support of your ESG reporting

Remote monitoring

to ensure optimum performance

Operation and maintenance

of the equipment for the life of the contract

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