Strategic Power Connect launched to reduce energy costs and improve ESG reporting

Leading renewable energy developer, Strategic Power Projects, has launched Strategic Power Connect, an extension of their renewable energy provision that will support large C&I energy users within a volatile market.


Strategic Power Connect will design and install onsite renewable energy systems to enable major companies make long term commitments in reaching their sustainability goals while securing energy supplies at a set price through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


PPA contracts make it possible to develop renewable energy installations, giving certainty on energy prices over the medium to long term.  There is no capital outlay, Strategic Power Connect will fully finance the design, build, maintenance, and operations of the systems     while the customer will benefit from reduced energy costs.


Strategic Power Projects Managing Director, Paul Carson said,


“The launch of Strategic Power Connect comes in response to a huge demand from large energy users to reduce their energy costs while more consciously making their transition to decarbonise their energy outputs. The recent publication of the REPowerEU document, which sees the Commission proposing to increase the 2030 target for renewables from the current 40% to 45% highlights just how important the requirement is to enhance the range of sources from which power can be generated and used on a local level.  


“Strategic Power Projects has been hugely successful over the past few years.  Our experienced team has taken a range of renewable energy projects from inception through to fruition.  Now we plan to build on that success with the launch of Strategic Power Connect, but more importantly, we want to help our customers become more resilient in an ever-changing market. Our market research and constructive discussions with potential clients has highlighted just how much we can help with that.”


Ruth Kimbley, Communications Director for Strategic Power Connect said that reducing cost is only one of the benefits of the launch as ESG reporting becomes more and more important for businesses, 


“Energy provenance has never been more important.  


The future of any business will demand more empathy to the environment in which it operates and to the people and stakeholders with which it works.


“Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters are increasingly becoming part of the business narrative.  With a raft of ESG-related disclosure requirements coming into force over the coming years, companies need to assess their readiness in terms of the transition to a low carbon economy and in meeting their sustainability disclosure requirements.” 


Paul Carson concluded, 


Strategic Power Connect solves a lot of problems for businesses – we can help with the reduction of energy costs whilst enabling the sustainable transition.  It’s refreshing to see that companies welcome the solution, and very much in a vocational sense rather than simply meeting regulatory requirements.


We want to help companies on this journey. Demonstrating an environmental commitment should be seen as an opportunity and not a burden.  The prize for the future is too big.